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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Strangers Nominated to P&E Readers' Choice Poll!

EXCITING NEWS!!!  Be sure to read the NEWSFLASH below.

Strangers has been nominated to the Preditors & Editors (TM) Readers' Choice Poll on Critters Workshop! 

If you loved Barbara Elsborg's wonderful story about Kate Snow and Charlie Storm, please head on over the Critters Workshop and cast your vote to help bump this fabulous novel up the list.  It's easy.  And YOU could win a prize, too.  Just hurry! The poll ends tomorrow--January 14th!

Not sure what this is all about?  Read the rules here.  (Scroll down to the Readers Poll information.)

Just go to this site:  http://www.critters.org/predpoll/novelerot.shtml

Find "Strangers" (on the long list) and click on the circle beside it to vote.  (You can only vote for one novel per category, but you can also vote in other categories if you wish.)

Scroll down and enter your full name, email address and be sure to type in the encrypted message.

P&E will email you immediately. Click on the link to confirm your vote.

That's all you need to do.   Thanks for supporting Barbara.

UPDATE:  STRANGERS is moving up!  It rose from #23 to #14 overnight.  Only 22 hours left.  If you loved this story, stop by and place your vote.  Thank you!

NEWSFLASH!!!  STRANGERS is on the move!  Climbing from #8.....to #7.....and now #6 in just the last few hours! There's still time to vote, so if  you loved this story, please click the link above and let the world know this is a MUST READ book.  STRANGERS may end up in the TOP FIVE.  Quite a feat for a novel that was just released on December 4th! 


  1. I don't know who put my book up for this - but thank you! I only just found out about it. I voted for myself - now I feel guilty but I did vote in other categories!

  2. Oh, don't feel guilty, Barbara. Nothing in the rules says you can't vote for yourself!

    And you're still moving up the list. #6 now! Just one more and STRANGERS will be in the TOP FIVE! I'm SO glad readers have discovered what a fantastic story this is.