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Sunday, January 3, 2010


Release date: January 6, 2010


Coming this Wednesday from Ellora's Cave!
And don't forget you can read the sequel
later this month when it's released on January 27th!
No year long wait to find out...
"What happens to....?"

You can read the background story on "THE RIGHT" novels here.


  1. Already has three 5 star reviews! Awesome!

  2. How exciting, Tiffany. I'm going to jump right over to the Ellora's Cavesite and check them out.

    Thanks! :)

  3. Hi there -- just finished reading "Doing the right thing". Now I know I just have to go read "Finding the right one" -- strike off another morning of productivity for me! ;)

    I really enjoyed reading this, although, if you don't mind me saying I did think of it as a romance novel that had been "sexed up" rather than as an erotic novel. I was captivated by the love triangle -- I couldn't stop reading until I found out which one she was going to chose!

    I liked Wil, but I did find him a little weak and irritating occasionally, especially how he simply couldn't see through Vee when she was obviously a piece of work. But I really thought Addie and Wil were "soul mates" especially sexually -- he just seemed to effortlessly turn her into quivering jelly. Perhaps this is where some readers felt let down -- the sex scenes between Wil and Addie were very hot, and she responded to him so naturally, it didn't feel quite 'right' that they didn't end up together. Perhaps they needed to be not quite so perfectly attuned?

    Regardless, I still really enjoyed the read and had a good laugh out loud several times. Like so many of your heroines, Addie had some classic come-backs, and her behaviour at the management retreat was a hoot (especially given I've had to suffer through a few of those myself and you drew the personalities of the people involved so well...) Her tragic past and difficult family situation were heart-breaking and I liked that you left in some kind of hope for a future reconciliation with her mother.

    Now on to the next story....!

  4. Thanks, Emmie. Yes, well this was a romance novel sexed up. I had the choice of sell a couple of copies or sell a few more. So I went for the few more. I think this book, more than most of my others, is very British. It's become clear to me that having so much concentration on Will and Addie has upset a number of readers since she doesn't end up with him. I think American readers are much more vociferous in demanding a straight forward romance - with conflict - but concentration on the main two - or three. I suppose I was thinking - life's not that simple.
    I think to a great extent Will and Addie WERE soulmates.My first version had them end up together but Will was too weak at the times Addie needed him to be strong and Addie brought out the best in playboy Ed.
    The one thing I've found very interesting is the complete opposites in opinions of this story. It's either loved or not liked - nothing in between.
    I feel a bit sad that those who disliked it, are unlikely to give Will's story a chance. He has learned his lesson
    Thanks very much for your post, Emmie!! I appreciate it.

  5. Barbara, I think readers are going to deprive themselves if they don't give FINDING THE RIGHT ONE a chance because they didn't like the fact Will and Addie didn't end up together in DOING THE RIGHT THING. FTRO is a wonderful traditional romance/erotica and, although the books are entirely stand alone, it's a fabulous wrap on Will's story. (And I loved the fact Addie and Ed were in it, too!)