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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Scoop on THE RIGHT Books

Barbara, I'm really looking forward to the re-release of DOING THE RIGHT THING on January 6th, with FINDING THE RIGHT ONE, the sequel, January 27th.  [What a treat!  How often does a reader get to read the sequel so soon after the original?]  These books present a wonderful continuing story that I know your readers are absolutely going to love. But back to the first book, DOING THE RIGHT THING. I mentioned it's being re-released and has a very different cover. Can you tell us the story on that?

After I had my first acceptances with Ellora’s Cave, I submitted my less-sexy romances for consideration for Cerridwen Press. All three were accepted – ‘Strangers’, ’Digging Deeper’ and ‘Doing the Right Thing’. But sales for CP books aren’t as high as for EC and my editor asked me if I’d consider sexing up all three and letting EC release them.

Easy with ‘Strangers’ – it was already a very sexy story. I decided not to with ‘Digging Deeper’. It didn’t lend itself to altering and the whole gist of the story is that the two main characters never seem to be able to get together. Changing ‘Doing the Right Thing’ was a tricky decision. The story worked fine as it was but I added more to the encounters between Will and Addie and I didn’t feel it detracted from the story. ‘Doing the Right Thing’ had already been issued by CP. I’d even had a couple of good reviews on it but it was pulled after a couple of weeks and now comes out in an improved form. I DO like it better. I think had I been writing with EC in mind when I first penned it, it would probably have been the story it is now. 

[The original cover featuring the kite scene and the new cover are pictured at right.  The original version of DOING THE RIGHT THING is no longer available, so if you bought a copy you may have a collector's item!]

You took a bit of a chance with DOING THE RIGHT THING and left a character with a very unresolved storyline. Was that your intent from the start, or is that just how the story evolved? Did you find yourself compelled to write FINDING THE RIGHT ONE for the sake of this character?

I knew when I started the story that one guy wouldn’t get the girl. But the first version had a very different ending. On advice of beta-readers, I changed it and let a different guy win out. It was the right thing to do. Ooh a pun!! Either version would have left one character with unresolved issues. I felt sad for the guy who lost out but I didn’t particularly feel I needed to write his story.

Others disagreed. Including my great editor at Ellora’s Cave. So I wrote ‘Finding the Right One’ and I’m glad I did. I feel happier now my characters are happy. And my editor! It was a strange experience writing about a character I’d already created. I had to recall all his foibles and make sure I stayed true to him. As it was, I fell in love with him all over again.

Tell us a little about the heroine in the first book. Where did the idea for her character come from? The opening of the story almost had me falling out of my chair with laughter, I could so relate to the heroine's plight. Do your own personal experiences sometimes find their way into the pages, or do your heroines ever experience similar situations to your own?

Daisy in ‘Perfect Timing’ is my typical heroine. All subsequent ones have a touch of Daisy though I think she was based on Flick – in the very first romance I wrote. I like tall, awkward women. I AM a tall, awkward woman. Yes, my own experiences often find their way into my stories. The start of ‘Finding the Right One’ is almost entirely true. So awful that my editor asked me to tone it down because it made Imo, the heroine, look bad. But yes, I did break a bed, yes, I did scratch a marble floor, yes, I did chase a poor Greek guy with a metal bar (it’s a lamp in the story). I have had a disaster in a tanning booth as in ‘Digging Deeper’. I did brush my father’s ashes off my hands and coat with a disgusted look on my face – oohhh. I nearly drowned in a parasailing accident. I’ve had swimming costumes change size in a pool. Etc etc But all the sex is made up.

Oops, sorry husband of mine, not true of course. He’s my inspiration.

Think I got away with that?

We'll be posting a history of your book release dates and titles soon, but can you tell us in what order you wrote your novels? Was the order they were released quite different from the order of their creation?

Yes – in places.

Unnatural Selection – suspense - not published – and never will be!!!!!

La Heroica - suspense - not published

Chosen – suspense – not published

Digging Deeper

Crossing the Line – suspense – not published

Doing the Right Thing


Perfect Timing

Susie’s Choice

The Consolation Prize

Anna in the Middle

Falling for you

Power of Love

Lightning in a bottle

Lucy in the Sky

The Misfits

Finding the Right One

I think I have that right.

Anything else you'd like to say about your current or upcoming novels?

I’m working on Remember Me? – title might change if someone already has it – for Loose-ID. It’s a ménage to match ‘The Misfits’. I’m currently about half way through. I don’t plot before I write so that causes me problems down the line. I’m constantly having to write my way out of black holes. BUT I have come up with an idea for a paranormal for Ellora’s Cave which will be my next project.

Thank you, Barbara, for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions.

Just a few more weeks until the world will get to read the *new* DOING THE RIGHT THING, and even more exciting, you won't have to wait a whole year to read the continuing story in FINDING THE RIGHT ONE.  Don't miss them!

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