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Monday, December 28, 2009

Fast and Furious: A Chronology of Novel Releases

To say Barbara Elsborg has had a phenomenal career as an author would be quite an understatement. By the end of January 2010, over the course of approximately only 21 months, she will have fifteen e-novels released with two also released as print books.

January will mark the first month where this prolific author will have three separate novels offered (DOING THE RIGHT THING on January 6th, DIGGING DEEPER on January 13th, and FINDING THE RIGHT ONE on January 27th), but in October of 2009 she had two novels released only six days apart, with LUCY IN THE SKY (Ellora's Cave) and THE MISFITS (Loose-Id).

Here's a chronological diary of Barbara Elsborg's novels and their release dates. Did you miss any?  (Click on the picture of the novel on the left sidebar to read more about the story.)


Perfect Timing (e-book) -- April 30, 2008
Daisy Leaf was named one of the Favorite Female Characters of 2008 by Book Utopia.

The Consolation Prize (e-book) August 11, 2008
The first of the Trueblood vampire sibling series from Loose-Id.

Falling For You (e-book) -- November 18, 2008
The second of the Trueblood vampire sibling series.

Something About Polly (e-book) -- January 21, 2009
A companion book to Perfect Timing featuring Jake's brother Adrian.

Lightning in a Bottle (e-book) -- February 24, 2009
The third of the Trueblood vampire sibling series.

Perfect Timing (print) -- March 11, 2009
Barbara Elsborg's debut novel released in  print version.

Anna in the Middle (e-book) -- March 27, 2009
A companion book to Something About Polly introducing Jax as a main character.

The Power of Love (e-book) -- May 20, 2009
An amazing tale of angelic love after death.

Susie's  Choice (e-book) --July 31, 2009
Three all-new characters in a sizzling and touching menage story.

Something About Polly (print) -- September 2009
Release of Barbara Elsborg's second print version novel.

Doing the Right Thing (original version e-book) -- September 24, 2009
This version is no longer available.  A newer, sexier version is coming in January.

Lucy in the Sky (e-book) -- October 21, 2009
A sometimes zany, sometimes suspenseful and always sexy science fiction romance.

The Misfits (e-book) -- October 27, 2009
The fourth novel in the Trueblood vampire sibling series.

Strangers (e-book) -- December 2, 2009
A contemporary love story extraordinaire!

Doing The Right Thing (new version, e-book) -- January 6, 2010
Addie, Will and Ed return in a sexier, steamier version.

Digging Deeper (e-book) -- January 13, 2009
Can archeaologist Beck survive the mayhem that calamity Flick brings to his life?

Finding the Right One (e-book) -- January 27, 2009
The sequel to Doing the Right Thing follows right on the heels of the first book.


  1. I just read STRANGERS over the last couple of days, and wanted to stop by to say "bravo, Barbara"! I could not put this book down. (And this is not a genre I typically read.)

    I was riveted by the interaction between these characters. Fabulous writing. Compelling, witty dialogue. And that "black moment" hit me like a ton of bricks. It was right before dinner and I could hardly eat I was so anxious about it.

  2. Ohh thank you, Sharon. I'm glad you liked it. It makes me anxious when I read it and I know what's going to happen!! It's hard to be cruel to your characters but worth it!!