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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Eleven Five-Star Reviews for STRANGERS!

STRANGERS, Barbara Elsborg's latest contemporary romance/erotica released December 2 by Ellora's Cave has now gathered eleven 5-star reviews!

Don't miss this amazing tale of love and romance in the modern pop culture. 

Here's the blurb from the Ellora's Cave web site:

"Kate Snow’s had enough of bad boys until a one-way swim in the ocean puts her on a collision course with a man she can’t resist. Charlie Storm has turned being a bad boy into an art form. Already a famous pop star, mega-success in the movie business beckons until his inner demons send him spiraling out of control and right out to sea. The last thing he expects to do before he dies is crash into a suicidal woman.

When the worlds of these two strangers collide, their lives take an upward twist. In surviving the waves, they find they can’t stand to be apart, in or out of bed. Kate seizes a chance for happiness, seeing in Charlie a man she can finally trust to love her. Charlie can’t let go of Kate because she’s the only woman able to see the man he wants to be."

Barbara Elsborg considers STRANGERS the best novel she's written.  See if you agree.

Don't miss STRANGERS!

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